The E-Board meets the first Tuesday of every month in the faculty cafeteria at MVMS from 3:10-4:00.  All members are welcome.

MEA Executive Board, July 2015 – June 2017
Officers serve for two-year terms.

Joan Miller, President
Joan is a special education teacher at MVMS.

Robin Feins, Vice President of Grievances
Robin is an ELA teacher at MHS

Randy Guthartz, Vice President of Negotiations for Units A, B, and C
Randy is an art teacher at Glover and Village.

Stephanie Colby, Treasurer
Stephanie is a librarian at Glover.

Jayne Mace, Vice President of Negotiations for Units D, E, F, and G
Jayne is a paraprofessional in the Science Dept. at MHS.

Building Representatives 2016-2017

MHS: position open

MVMS: Kathy Smith

Village: Valerie DeGeorge

Bell: Maryann Levine

Glover: Sally Shevory

Coffin: Elizabeth Rudzinski

Gerry: Wendy Zimmer